A ground-breaking kids' video from Land Ho Films

Bulldozers, Excavators, Bobcats, Back-hoes,
Dump Trucks, Loaders, Cranes and much more!

Watch the Trailer and rent or download your copy today!

Front Loaders




Dump Trucks

Cement Mixers


Produced in High Definition

Original music by the Tyler Bender Band

 Land Ho Films debuts “If I Were A Digger,” the first in the HD Series of children’s educational videos. Targeted to ages 2-6, this video will captivate children and grown-ups while they get up-close and personal with their favorite construction equipment, from excavators, front loaders and graders, to Bobcats, scrapers and dump trucks, plus many more of the earth-movers you can see every day.

 Upbeat, original music keeps things moving as you learn about each digger's purpose, abilities, and capacities in terms kids can relate to.  Fun facts like: The average cement mixer could fill two cars full of gloppy concrete.  Yuck!  Or a water truck can carry as much water as 100 bathtubs all filled to the rim!

"If I Were A Digger" is available for purchase or rental through this site.  Buy the video and download it to your mobile device, computer, or internet-enabled TV; or rent it and stream it to your device of choice!

"If I Were A Digger" is narrated by Katie Leigh, a talented professional voice artist with a long resume of children's voices and other characters you've probably heard before.

You can find out more about her at www.katieleigh.com.

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